What’s next for technology in 2021?

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4 min readJan 15, 2021

In our 2021 Technology Predictions report, we reveal the top 10 trends to define the technology landscape over the coming year.

From the digitalisation of the classroom and the adoption of cashless payments, to the rise of social gaming and the future of work, we analyse the next developments in the global technology sector. For the 14th consecutive year, we map the trends and innovations destined to drive growth for months and years to come, highlighting some of the companies to watch and selected key actors for each identified trend.

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Perhaps different than in recent years, given that we have not experienced this type of market volatility since 2008- 2009, we expect the predictions we feature for 2021 to accelerate at an even more rapid pace due to the nature of the drivers around public health risk and societal shifts emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ultimate winner today is the consumer. From online shopping, payments and fitness, to how companies are fighting to understand and retain us, technology is keeping companies alive and perhaps permanently changing our behaviour patterns. We expect sustained and even increasing demand in each of these spaces this year and beyond as more consumers become comfortable with operating online. Expect tough competition among those aiming to provide easy-to-use platforms and services.

As consumers and software lovers, however, one big question that many are trying to solve is how we can keep our data safe. Rather than a differentiator for technology companies, privacy controls will become standard in the future. This issue is even more important given how many work remotely today and our dependence on technology to communicate and collaborate. The office is certainly not a thing of the past, but it may look a little different in the future. We expect employers to restructure their work models to include more remote options or a hybrid of remote and office.

While communication in general is ever-improving with technology, how we socialise has seen the most radical change. Enter the next social network: gaming. Think less phone calls and instead more unique universes where you can spend time with friends and family on an island in Animal Crossing. Now enjoyed by the masses, with gaming you only need one device to access the world.

Two previously stagnant sectors, education and healthcare, are also undergoing much needed transformations as a result of the world being forced to move further online. Everyone in the world needs access to both, and tech is finally modernising these systems. Again, companies providing easy-to-use platforms will continue to redesign these crucial services.

The last trend featured for 2021 is Epic’s battle with Apple. Developers, who build the software we enjoy and rely on, are challenging the leverage of tech giant ecosystems and fighting for equal rights, such as payment rakes. Time will tell what the future brings to maintain harmony between the two, but needless to say that Apple will need to zero in on a better middle ground.

Our methodology in selecting this year’s predictions is shaped directly by our experience in working with the world’s leading entrepreneurs and cutting-edge technologies, analysis of global investment data, and unique market insight gathered across GP Bullhound’s global network.

Core to our mission at GP Bullhound, in this year’s report we also feature three interviews with true trendsetters using tech for good in their fields to help shape the future of technology: Ruslan Fazlyev, CEO of Ecwid; Lindsay Cook, Co-founder & CEO of FitOn; and Lindsay Willott, Founder of Customer Thermometer.

The world has come to learn just how much we rely on technology to help traverse one of the most difficult periods in history. At GP Bullhound we are proud to work with innovative, world-leading companies and their visionaries transforming innovative ideas into reality. We hope our 2021 tech predictions help you to navigate the opportunities and challenges to come.

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